Piano Tuning


    Piano tuning is the aligning of the musical pitch of the various notes of the piano by adjusting the tension of the piano strings in order to achieve a desired musical effect. Preferences in desired musical effects and methods in achieving those preferences will vary. The key is to have a qualified piano technician service your piano. The recommendation on how often your piano needs tuned depends on different factors including climate and use. Most pianos need a tuning every six months to maintain its optimal performance.

    Concert Rentals

    My father carved out a niche in the Denver area over 40 years ago renting pianos out to various artists. I, along with my father, decided to continue on with this exciting part of the piano business. I have access to a large selection of high quality pianos to choose from to accommodate any artist’s needs.

    Piano Restoration

    Piano restoration is a complete rebuilding of a piano to restore it to its original beauty, function and condition both inside and out. Each piano is unique and requires a full evaluation to determine the time, labor, and expense it will take to restore your personal treasure to enjoy for many years to come. I specialize in Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Yamaha, Kawai, Chickering, Weber, and other high quality manufactures.

    Hammer Action Rebuilding, Replacing & Regulation

    piano tuning2

    Hammers are a significant factor that will influence the tone of your piano. They are constructed of felt that is stretched over a piece of wooden molding. Over time and use, these hammers wear out and need to be replaced. Replacing the hammers will improve the tone quality, as well as, the touch and feel of your keyboard.

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